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In 2009, we came to Lam Dong province as volunteers of subtainable development, supporting project for coffee growers here. Lam Dong is the best place for growing Arabica coffee trees in Vietnam with average temperature 18oC and altitude over 1500m. During the period of project, we have always been beside the farmers, the coffee growers, especially ethnic minorities and we hold them in the cooperative of sustainably growing high quality Arabica coffee around Lang Biang Mountain and Cau Dat area. We helped and guided them to preserve not only their nurtured heirloom Arabica, but also the ecology of the Central Highlands through responsible practices.

The Married Beans's Plantation
The Married Beans's Plantation

Make strong connections with farmers from regions around DaLat, CauDat, Lac Duong and the ethnic minority community (K’ho-LamDong), to improve the coffee value and quality of Da Lat in particular and Vietnam in general.



“The Married Beans – The farmers” who never stop improving their knowledge and learning different methods with one standpoint:

We’re different. We couldn't do best but we will try to do better everyday.


Our aim is to produce the highest quality Arabica green bean and roasted bean on the market.We achieve this by sustainably growing our 100% Arabica varieties in fertile volcanic high altitude soils. We harvest cherries by hand only at peak ripeness, and after washing, drying them on raised beds to ensure consistent moisture content. At each step, beans are continually graded by hand to maintain our high standards.

Our company is a socially responsible cooperative. A cooperative is an organization owned by the community with the express purpose of benefiting the community. At The Married Beans, farmers are payed Fair Trade prices for their hand-picked cherries. After processing. high-quality green bean is sold directly to local and foreign buyers. Profit from sale are directly distributed back to farmers, ensuring everyone involving benefits.

The Married Beans Company Limited

6 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 1, Da Lat, Lam Dong

Phone: (+84) 263 700 828